I have released the dummy version of the Day out with Thomas model. It only includes the classic face at the moment. More stuff to come!



In short, Dennis will be the last guaranteed public release this website will offer. He was supposed to be a private model, but instead landed in the hands of certain detestable individuals who don't deserve to have this private model to themselves. We'd prefer him to be shared by the nice, anonymous general public than privately held by unlikable people. We will only upload models in future if we so feel like it, simple as that. Enjoy Dennis at least for what he's worth.



Everyone's favorite No. 1 tank engine is now available as he appears on the Strasburg Railroad. Get him on the Classic Series Loco page today!

Major props to Tomix for this awesome model, Don't let anyone tell you different!




Two (technically three) new additions, first Whiff as a 0-4-4 as envisioned by Jim, and Cora, both in her SR and MSR liveries. Get them on their respective pages today!




p.s. The site will be going through some updating, things will be moved around and upgraded in due time.


Logan is finally released! Our biggest group project yet, featuring the modelling of Scott, basic texturing by Toby, final texturing by Brendan, everything else in between by me! Go get it on the Locomotive New Series page today!




Well this is one of many dioramas arriving soon, Glennock Station as seen in Season 18, included is a Winter Themed version. Enjoy as usual



After a certain advertisement, I made a quick Thomas face mesh for you to slap on everything! Just remember: THOMAS WAS EVERYWHERE



My Sodor Bench pack is released on the Scenery Page! Enjoy!




The M/SR trucks have been released! Go get them and biff them about with Jim on the Rolling Stock Page! Enjoy!




Tom here. Just gonna give The Workshops my two week notice so to speak. I will be taking a little "holiday" away from the computer for a while. It's been great working with everyone on the team. I hope you all enjoy everything we've done as a community.



Updated the links to Adam and Jeff in the Original Characters section. And updating some of the pictures for the models and routes.

~NWR_Railroader (Tom)


Two addons from my old website have been moved to the Workshops- Stepney's Whistle and the Sodor Delivery Van Horn. The former was heavily edited from a standard non-looped Trainz whistle. The latter will be updated later, replacing the Post Train theme with the Skarloey Railway theme.


Other old content of mine is currently being reworked, so be on the lookout for those later.- The Vicarstown Sentinel



Donnie is now released under the OC page. Try him out now!





A double wammy release! With the various combined efforts of Toby, Nicko, and myself, we proudly present Jim. Also from Toby and I are the Skarloey Railway Open Coaches as they appear in the present day. Go get them today!




Wow.. No updates in a month. Well time to update now, Sodor Vans made by me, and kindly baked and drivable by Bob Lozuk, are released in the "Road Vehicles" section. Also expect new versions of Adam and Jeff and routes as well. Also, removed the TUGS Whistle Pack and old facepacks. Stay tuned ~NWR_Railroader


NWR_Railroader comin' at ya. I have uploaded my version of The Drain from the RWS Book Thomas and The Twins. Have fun and enjoy. If you use this route in videos credit me.

Enjoy ~NWR_Railroader


Vicarstown Sentinel here. Some new updates. New Promos have been added for Marklin and Spencer- plus a re-release of one of my old content packs- the RWS Truck Skin Pack No. 1. Perfect for use with Sean's old 2006 RWS Range- which still holds up well compared to all the baked items you see these days. Includes 2 magazine trucks plus a bonus truck I whipped up- named for a particular show that sounds like it could be a company for a private owner wagon.

In the works is my second Truck Pack. Planned items include 3 RWS Cattle Vans, 2 Hornby 80's Thomas Range trucks, reworked Classic Series and Bluebell S.C.Ruffey plus some new S.C. Ruffeys based off the Butterly Railway and Midland Centre's versions. This pack will also include 2 bonus gag trucks I'm sure some of you will enjoy.

Have fun- The Vicarstown Sentinel.



Wow, this news page has not been updated in 2 years despite content releases. Anyhoo, this is The Vicarstown Sentinel here- formerly Sodor Productions. I've abandoned my old Jimdo site in favor of releasing my content here, and me and a few other community members have volunteered to clean up this site and make it look more professional, especially with new content being released.

I'll be moving some of my older content from my old site here as well as release new and updated content of mine in the near future. Pardon the dust as we clean up the clutter.- TVS


The Jontaneer has now released his truck pack on Sodor Workshops! Download today! -Bob



The troublesome vans have been fixed AGAIN. Please redownload them. Please remember that they only work in Trainz 2006 and up. Expect a new engine soon!




The troublesome vans have been updated AND work now with no errors. Also, the coaches that Jack (ThomasBranchline) made have been removed, as SI3D has now finished the Sodor Coaches. A new engine should be coming in soon, wait and see! --Bob

Febuary 5, 2010


Well, good news and bad news:


Good news: Old Stuck-Up is released for everybody! I'm working on a scratchbuilt Rosie that should be done soon. I was able to get a mesh of the Climax Class B, which will be made into the new Thomas character Ferdinand!


Bad news: All of Jon's meshes have gone corrupt, I'm sorry to say. Albert, Victor (the magazine character), The Truck Pack 2--All have become corrupted, along with half of my own meshes. Luckily, The newer meshes are still around. I hate to say this, but all this happened a month ago, but I couldn't bring myself to right this up until today. Because of this, I will resign as the Sodor Workshops model exporter. I will try to contact RayTheTrainEngine to see if he will become the new exporter.


The Troublesome Vans have chameleon problems, I know gravely. Please, if anyone has the Troublesome Vans, delete the Troublesome Van, along with the face pack until I can get this sorted out.


Do to a new schedule, I will hardly get any Trainz stuff done anymore.


I am truly sorry about bringing all this bad news. I'll try to make up for it.


--Bob Luzok

December 21


Good Gravy! Four Days till Christmas and not a single thing from the Workshops crew for 2 months! I'm sorry no content from me, right now, I'm as busy as ever and have barely enough time for Trainz anymore. But I'm trying to cram every hour of my free time into Trainz, and hopefully, I can get Jon's Truck Pack 2 released before or on Christmas Day. In the meantime, enjoy the Troublesome Vans from me, located on the Rolling Stock page. -- Bob.


Hello, Workshops! Our first release for today: Marklin


MarklintheInvisibleEngine.jpg Marklin picture by bobluzok


Second up, NWR #4, Gordon the High-Speed Engine!


Third up, the Slate Truck!



Last is a texture replacment or the old and green trucks.


Consider this all 4 Halloween treats. Enjoy it all! -Bob





       I have released my Island Of Sodor V2 route on the Routes page for you all.

 Regards, Aresdale

September 20th-


 I have added a new poster page for all of Sodorworkshops posters, along with a few other things i threw in there for you all- Aresdale

September 10th


Our newest member is Arlesdale from the SI3D forums! He'll be our official posterboy. -- Bob

September 15th



    Well, as you can see, new poster is on the main page! My three man team and I are working on new surprises! so stay tuned, kick back with a pound of bacon and enjoy the updates!

September 5th


Sodor Workshops now has its own forums!

8 Trucks
8 Trucks

3rd September


A Huge Truck pack has been released on the Rolling Stock page! Enjoy! Also, I forgot to say yesterday that our newest member No32ElrProductions will be working on our MSTS Rolling Stock. Hope you love the new suprises! -- Bob

2nd September


Poor Smudger. The owner took his wheels away and turned him into a generator, he'll never move again. You can download him off our Scenery page. Model made by Nin488, edited and exported by me. -- Bob

20th August


Stepney has been removed due to config problems. We're working on that. Meanwhile, Neil is nearing release. -- Bob

20th August


Sodor Workshops has been redisigned. Hope you enjoy the new redisign. --Bob


20th August


With thanks to the Jontaneers, here is Atlas the Mines Engine! You can download him off the Locos page. -- Bob

17th August


The Diesel was removed from the VIP page, but someone has taken his place. Who could this be? -- Bob

The Diesel
The Diesel

17th August


The Diesel is released! Head to the Locos page to download him. -- Bob

15th August


Here he finally is Stepney the Bluebell engine

Check out the locos page!


MSTS Duncan
MSTS Duncan

August 9th


Sodor Workshops now has an MSTS Section! Our first MSTS Engine is Duncan the Little Engine! Hope you like him! -- Bob

6th August


New Vip item. Please, i'm not giving out the password out like sweets. Mmm secret sweeeets....... - - Jack 

6th August


A Top-Secret item has been released on the VIP page. All VIPs head to the VIP section to find the top-secret item. -- Bob

Jock waiting for Bert
Jock waiting for Bert

5th August


The Arlesdale Railway has been released on the Routes page by Nin488!

3rd August


Our first scratchbuilt locomotive is now up for download on the Locos page! Enjoy this well-known yet smelly engine. -- TheJonateers

31st July


I've added a new area VIPs Only. try and get in? No hope password protected.

Send me a messenge on the si3d forum if you think you're very important. Most unreleased stuff will be here.

30th July


Mid-sodor is released! After a lot of time and really long route later here it is. There may be a V2 but as Stepney is taking time it won't be soon. - Jack

The Skarloey Railway
The Skarloey Railway

29th July


Sodor Workshops has released its first route by our newest member, Nin488! The route is the Railway Series Skarloey Railway. You can download it now off of our new routes page! -- Bob

Neil (Soon to be released)
Neil (Soon to be released)

28th July


Whewee! Wouldn't you know, Sodor Workshops is the 9th most popular site on Jimdo! ThomasBranchline and I have been working hard in GMax, and many of you have probably seen TB's Stepney as the engine of the week. Behind-the-scenes, I've been working on a few projects of my own: Ned the Steam Shovel (with thanks to our new member The Jonateers), Neil the Box Engine, and Ivo Hugh. Also, another new member of ours is Nin488, who is also working in GMax and will presumably be our route creator. Here will be the current team lineup:


ThomasBranchline: Senior Model Creator

Thomas4trainz: Official Reskinner/Novice Model Creator

The Jonateers: Right-hand Model Creator

Nin488: Left-Hand Model Creator/Senior Route Maker



Pip and Emma
Pip and Emma

20th July


Head to the locos page to download Sodor Workshops' first diesels, Pip and Emma!

Oliver the Excavator
Oliver the Excavator

14th July


Here's Oliver the Excavator! You can download him now off the Road Characters page. -- Bob


14th July


Here is Spencer the Silver Engine! You can download him now off the Locos page. -- Bob


5th July


Elsie is now released on the Rolling Stock Page! Enjoy. -- Bob

Scrapped Tank Engine
Scrapped Tank Engine

4th July


Another Engine released today. Here's the Scrapped Tank Engine. Put him to good use so he won't end up in the nearest scrapyard. Download him now at the Locos page. -- Bob


4th July


Happy 4th of July to all you Thomas Fans out there. Scroll down to the new "Road Characters Section to download Ned from the Sodor Construction Co. 

-- Bob


2nd July


Here is one of the most infamous engines on Sodor, Eagle! You can download him now on the Locos Page. -- Bob


1st July


New from Thomas4trainz Victor well done Bob.


1st July


New Coaches check out the rolling stock page!